There is no need to print or present any documents at the airport, as the eTA is stored electronically against the passport in the Canada Immigration system. The Temporary Stay Visa fee is €75 while the Residency Visa fee is fixed at €90, both are payable at the consulate or embassy of Portugal. Si vous souhaitez visiter le Canada, y étudier ou y travailler, assurez-vous que vous pouvez présenter une demande. montreal@ mne. a capital transfer with a value of 1 million euros or above (the investment can be an individual one or through a limited liability company in which the applicant is a shareholder); there are several possible investment routes, such as acquiring public debt instruments from the Portuguese State, acquiring transferable securities or bearer securities and others; creating at least 10 job positions and the investment is proven by showing the individual employment contracts; purchasing real estate property of at least 500,000 euros or more; purchasing real estate with a value of 350,000 euros when the construction is more than 30 years old or it is located in urban regeneration areas and it will be subject to refurbishing; a capital transfer of 350,000 euros or more in research activities performed by public or private research institutions involved in the national technological or scientific system; a capital transfer of 250,000 euros or more for the supporting the arts or for the reconstruction or refurbishment of national heritage; an investment of 350,000 euros or more for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital for the capitalization of companies, when at least 60% of the investment is in commercial companies that have their head office in Portugal; a capital transfer of 350,000 euros or more for the incorporation of a Portuguese company, together with creating at least five jobs; an alternative is to reinforce the capital of an already existing Portuguese company, combines with creating or keeping a minimum of five jobs, for a minimum period of 3 years; our immigration lawyer in Portugal can give you more details. Passports must be valid for up to six months (depending on your nationality) and are required by all, except for European Union nationals and nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Norway, and Switzerland holding valid national ID cards. 2016-09-23 - Statement by European Commissioner for Trade and Canada's International Trade Minister. Your passport and copies of your previous visas – valid for at least 3 months beyond return date – are required. Non-Canadian citizens, who wish to travel to any member country of the Schengen Zone may require a Schengen visa depending on their citizenship. VisaHQ provides expediting services for visa to Portugal and charges a service fee. La durée de validité du visa est indiquée sur le visa lui-même. Go to . Petty crime, such as pickpocketing and bag snatching, occurs. Besoin d'un visa pour le Portugal ? Portugal is a country with many advantages, with its warm, temperate Mediterranean climate being an important plus for Canadians looking to move to another country where they can work, study or even retire. If you are coming to study in Portugal from a country from the EU/EFTA, you won’t need a Portuguese student visa but you will have to obtain a certificate of residence from your local city council if you stay longer than three months. Le Portugal et le Canada à l'étranger; L'ambassade du Portugal à Ottawa est l'un des 638 représentations étrangères au Canada, et l'une des 138 représentations étrangères à Ottawa. Obtenez votre visa Canada en toute tranquillité ! Before departure it is recommended to check the website of the embassy. This means that you have 4 months to move to Portugal and get an appointment at the Immigration and Border Services (SEF) to get a valid Portuguese residency. This is one of the many types of Portugal Visa you may apply for in order to get your residence permit, live in Portugal and benefit from all the advantages that may bring you. L’autorisation AVE ou Visa Canada est obligatoire Pour un séjour de moins de 6 mois au Canada, les ressortissants français sont exemptés de visa de visiteur papier dans le passeport. Canada: Téléphone: local: (514) 499.0359 international: +1.514.499.0359: Fax: local: (514) 499.0366 international: +1.514.499.0366: Email: consulado. Voyage sans visa pour les citoyens de Portugal. The application for long-term residency is submitted to the Foreigners and Borders Service (in person) and a special form must be duly filled in. Canadians who wish to enter Portugal and stay for less than ninety days are not required to have a visa. Le visa Portugal est nécessaire pour les citoyens de République Démocratique du Congo pour plus d'information, s'il vous plaît, contactez les bureaux les plus proches Ambassade de Portugal. To work in Portugal through the Working Holiday Portugal, you must: be a Canadian citizen; be 18-35 years old (inclusive), and; have a valid Canadian passport; Other requirements may apply, check Portugal’s website for more details. Temporary stay visas allow entry and stay in Portugal for less than a year. … Input is invalid! Fortunately, the electronic authorization is almost effortless to acquire, and with iVisa, you can have it in just 30 minutes. AFRIQUE ET MOYEN-ORIENT. We are a team of immigration consultants in Portugal focused on helping foreign citizens move legally to this country and providing them with reliable relocation services. SEF CONTACT CENTRE 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Visa Center is a non-government body which allows for Portugese Visa applicants to apply for Portugese Visa through localized offices in Toronto, Markham, Calgary and Vancouver. All Délai, Formulaire, Prix et Documents à fournir ! Citizens from Portugal along with other European Union members are required to complete this electronic visa application prior to boarding an aircraft for Canada, and this includes travelers who will only be transiting in Canada en route to other international destinations. Commentaires au sujet de cette le Consulat Général. Other documents may include proof of tax payment and social security payment. The Embassy of Portugal in Ottawa represents Portuguese interests in Canada. Get all the information and services provided exclusively for residents in one click. Please contact the office directly for … 2016-11-01 - Canada and EU sign historic trade agreement during EU-Canada Summit. Temporary stay visas are valid during the entire stay and allow for multiple entries. One of our agents can provide interested Canadians with more information on the intervention of the Foreigners and Borders Service as well as the policies set forth by other agencies entrusted with regulating the influx of immigrants. EUROPE. Ways to immigrate to Portugal from Canada . Nouvelles. OFFICIAL-CANADA-ETA.COM. Le type de visa qu’il faut demander et les documents requis dépendent du but du voyage. ASIE-PACIFIQUE. Temporary stay visas allow entry and stay in Portugal for less than a year. So, if you’re thrilled about the experiences that you’re going to enjoy in Portugal, you also need to be ready with all the Portugal visa requirements to apply for a visa. One of our Portugal immigration agents can provide you with complete details about the visa application requirements so that you may prepare the proper documentation and the visa application will be approved. The Embassy of Portugal in Ottawa represents Portuguese interests in Canada. That is not the case if you are from a European Union country or an EEA (European Economic Area) state. If you don’t, you may have to prove sufficient means of financial support to return. Home > Schedule an Appointment; Schedule an Appointment. Le Canada en Portugal; Le Canada dispose de trois représentations au Portugal. Please note: As of 02 February 2020 the Schengen visa fee per person (Short Stay Visa) will increase from 60 to 80 euros or the equivalent amount in your local currency. In 2018, 266,516 Portugal Schengen visas were received around the world. Showing comments 1–10 of 84, newest first. We have compiled a list of document and other Portugal visa requirements, so that you don’t feel overburdened or confused at the time of your visa interview. Full details can be found by visiting. Increased fees for visa applications. Plus de 10 000 avis certifiés. Please select the region and country you wish to apply from. They must also have health insurance and accommodation in Portugal. The form is accompanied by other documents, such as a valid passport, proof of income (payslip or employment contract), proof of health insurance, certificate of qualifications issues by a center qualified to do so for certifying the level of Portuguese language knowledge. The consulate of Portugal in Edmonton may provide a range of consular services such as visa and passport processing as well as document legalization, but note that honorary consulates typically offer limited consular services. Obtenez votre visa Portugal en toute tranquillité ! Check your previous email messages. The numbers below were provided by the Foreigners and Borders Service and applied for the year 2018: The same report revealed that Canadians were more likely to use the electronic control services offered by the Foreigners and Borders Service. Select Resident Country. Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Liechtenstein. Portugal visa. Effective 26 February 2020 post 03 pm onwards, applicants applying for Portugal visa, short term and long term except seasonal work must book an appointment and pay the VFS service fee (mandatory) and additional services (optional) online before coming to a VFS visa application center to submit their application and biometric data (fingerprints and photograph). pt/ montreal/ Heures d'ouverture: 9h00 - 12h30» Puis-je visiter Portugal sans visa? Support number: +1 877 715 7857. Étape 1: déterminer le type de visa qui vous correspond. During that time, the holder of a residency visa is required to request a residency permit with the Immigration and Border Services (SEF). The maximum duration of stay is 6 months. Agence agréée, recommandée par le Routard. Specific documentation is also needed for professional activities, highly qualified activities, cultural activities as well as for those who wish to come to the country for higher education, volunteer or internship purposes. Le Portugal et le Canada à l'étranger; L'ambassade du Portugal à Ottawa est l'un des 638 représentations étrangères au Canada, et l'une des 138 représentations étrangères à Ottawa. An immigration lawyer in Portugal from our team can provide interested individuals with more details about these rights. The eTA program was introduced in 2016 to screen travelers arriving from overseas as a response to the global increase in terrorist activities. Here are the different types of work visas you can request for moving to Portugal: residence visa for employees (including sports activities) residence visa for independent work; residence visa for entrepreneurs; residence visa for highly skilled workers, teachers, or artistic performers English; Français; Bienvenue au Centre de réception des demandes de visa canadien. Qu'est-ce que le demandeur doit faire pour obtenir le Visa Gold - ARI (autorisation de résidence basée sur l'investissement)? Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the acceptance of Portugal Schengen visa applications has been suspended in London starting 19 March 2020 until further notice. Agence agréée, recommandée par le Routard. Long-term residents in Portugal enjoy the same treatment as Portuguese nationals in terms of having access to jobs in the country, rightful dismissal conditions and remuneration, recognition of diplomas, certificates or other qualifications, tax benefits and healthcare, social security and social protection, freedom of association, affiliation and membership in workers’ organizations, as well as other rights. Go to . Instead, if you plan to go there by air, you must obtain a Canada ETA. Canadians who wish to enter Portugal and stay for less than ninety days are not required to have a visa. 2016-11-01 - Canada and EU sign historic trade agreement during EU-Canada Summit. The new agreement will make it easier for Canadian and Portuguese youth to get a work permit to let them work and travel abroad for up to two years. The D2 Visa, also known as the Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa for Portugal, is a type of visa for those outside the EU and Schengen Area who would like to open an investing activity in Portugal. The eTA is valid for 5 years from the date of issue, or until the expiration date of your passport, which ever date occurs first.Caution ! Présentation d’une demande de visa de visiteur, de permis d’études ou de permis de travail. Cependant les critères d'obtention du visa peuvent changer fréquemment et les informations données sont fournies sans garanties. Le permis de séjour (Visa Gold) est d'abord valable pour un an et renouvelable pour des périodes successives de deux ans, sur une limite de cinq ans. Eligibility and how to apply for a visa that lets you stay with family in Canada for up to 2 years at a time. The implementation of the immigration and the asylum policies valid in Portugal fall under the responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Administration.